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What to do when your CFA is cancelled?

What to do when your CFA is cancelled?

CFA Institute today declared cancellation of appointments for every centre of India. It comes as a shock for a lot of candidates as they've been preparing for their tests since long. The candidates are either employees who are looking for better opportunities, students who are in last year of their college or anyone who joined for her sheer interest in finance. This pandemic has put a hold on a lot of activities, including career advancement, but not so soon, here are five things that will help you grow out of this pandemic by steepening your trajectory of skills.

1. Join a course to upskill:

There are a lot of options for joining short courses in various fields. To upgrade your skills in finance domain, check out courses on Valuationary. You can find courses on portfolio management, financial modeling, stock selection and exit strategy, finance for founders, and many others.

To explore other fields, check out courses on coursera, udemy and other edtech portals as well.
Courses will not only keep you productive but also make you relevant in the dynamic world.

2. Read the books you always wanted to:

We all have a pile of books which we tend to keep for "future" read. Now is the time! You can finally buy the books growing fat in your wishlist. You can choose to read books on finance to go in depth or choose to explore other fields. Fiction or non-fiction books, both end up teaching you something.

3. Looking out for internships:

You can seek internships from various internship & job portals like LinkedIn & Internshala. In these difficult times, almost all internship opportunity is on work from home basis. If you've certain skills then you can enlist yourself on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer etc. to earn out of a hobby.

4. Be informed through blogs, podcasts:

A lot of podcasts, blogs, newsletter, YouTube channels are available to expand your knowledge. You can always listen to interesting podcasts or check out blogs to get a worldwide view on different things.

5. Cultivating your hobby:

If none of the above options works well for you, you can always choose to finally work on your hobby! Be it writing, painting, playing a musical instrument, dancing etc., it is about time to pursue. One good thing that has come out of this hard-hitting pandemic is it has made possible to bring everything online.